Menu of Charges

In addition to our standard flat rate management charge which covers all the basic day to day management issues as per our contract of engagement, we apply the following. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Outgoing lessee

Standard information pack (LPE1) usually required for the sale of a flat

(Provided within 5 working days)


(Provided within 2 working days)


Incoming lessee

Registration of Notice of Transfer


Registration of Notice of Charge


Registration of Deed of Covenant


Certificate of Compliance


Share Certificate & Stock Transfer Forms


Lessee in situ

Consent under lease (non-building work)


Consent under lease (building work) plus surveyors fees if applicable


Replacement key fob (including postage)


Late penalty payment on 3rd and subsequent reminders


Stock Transfer Forms and Share Certificates (Issue of Share Certificate or Registration on Membership Register


Notification of New Tenant Details (AST)(if applicable)


Issuance of notice of proceedings


Process to recover monies from mortgage lender


Management Co

Administration for Major Works

2.5% of contract price

Issuing Section 20 Consultation Notices

2.5% of contract plus postage price

Additional site visits (excluding travel expenses)


Advice under leases


LVT application fee


LVT application fee and attendance fee


Issuance of proceedings in country court


Insurance claims processing


Company secretarial (per company)


Arranging a parking scheme at your block


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