Building Management Tasks – June Update

There are various tasks we have conducted at the block and we wish to keep you informed of what has been completed. We realise that some of the works we have completed are ‘behind the scenes’ and therefore wanted to lay everything out here so you are aware of how your Services Charges are being spent.

  • Lifts        

Since taking management, Horizon instructed a service on the lifts and they have been taken out of service until we are confident they are compliant with current safety regulations and to ensure their correct functioning. It appears there are repair works required, that the developer had instructed prior to our management and the cost for these works will not come from the Service Charge monies.

  • Servicing of Fire Safety Systems

These systems, including fire alarm, dry risers, smoke vents and emergency lights, need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure their correct functioning. We have had these items serviced and they will be routinely serviced in line with legislation.

  • Fire Risk Assessment and Health & Safety Report

These assessments were due and therefore have been completed promptly as per our legal obligations for the safety of the building and the residents. Action points from the reports will be dealt with promptly.

  • Gym

We are liaising with the Freeholder to establish a cost for the hire and maintenance of the gym equipment. This will be a cost from Service Charge monies, which for the current financial year has not been budgeted for. Once we have the full costings for the gym, we will seek guidance from the Freeholder and feedback from the Leaseholders.

  • Lightning Protection Servicing

An annual inspection has been conducted to ensure the building’s fire protection remains compliant.

  • Water Tank Maintenance and Legionella Sampling

We have implemented a water tank maintenance programme to manage the safety of the water at Winckley House. We will also conduct Legionella Sampling every 6 months as per the legal requirements.

  • Car Parking         

We are aware of the issue with vehicles parked incorrectly and are therefore instructing a parking enforcement company to patrol the site and to issue tickets to any vehicles not displaying the correct permit in their designated bay. We have contacted all Leaseholders who own these bays to inform them of the scheme and how they can get the permits. Signage has been installed to clarify the parking situation.

  • Bin Store              

As with many apartment blocks, waste disposal is a prominent issue. We have put a bolt on both of the bin store doors to stop fly tipping or the disposal of waste from non-residents. The code for this lock is 1717 and has been sent out to all residents. We have also implemented a system to ensure the bins are taken to the kerb side every Wednesday morning to ensure they are collected correctly.

  • Weeding

The external areas were becoming overrun with weeds so these have now been treated and removed.

  • Communal Cleaning

We have put in place a regular caretaker routine to clean the communal areas of the block.

  • Decorating          

We have done some touch up redecorating in areas of high traffic to ensure that the block is aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful place for residents to live. We have also re-decorated the staining after the water leak in the main stairwell.

  • Entrance Hallway

We have tried to improve the first impression when entering the block with that artwork and a threshold doormat to capture the majority of the dirt that is brought into the block.

  • Junk Mail Rack

A common issue in a lot of blocks is junk mail litter that blights communal areas. To combat this we have installed a rack next to the post boxes for residents to use and this will be routinely cleared.

  • Signage 

We have put up signage around the blocks for residents’ information, including an external plague stating the block’s name and street number

  • Homeless Persons

We have liaised with the council, local community police and local charities to seek a resolution to the reports of homeless people occupying areas around the block. We are confident this will not continue further.

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