What is the Difference Between Block Management and Property Management?

When it comes to the management of a building, you may hear a number of terms thrown around. It is understandable to assume that some of these terms – such as “property management” and “block management” – are just various ways of referring to the same thing. But that’s not always the case.

The fact is that Property Management and Block Management can actually refer to completely different things. While Property Management refers to the management of single-tenanted properties, Block Management refers to the overall management and maintenance of a block of leasehold properties (such as flats or apartments) within a multi-property structure.

At Horizon Management, that is exactly what we do. Our experienced team handle everything from budgeting and accounting, to service charge collection, as well as liaising with contractors and lettings agents or other stakeholders in a block. But how does Block Management actually work?


What is Block Management?

For Freeholders or Resident Management Companies who are in charge of a block of flats, there are a number of obligations and responsibilities that need to be taken into account. In many cases, building owners may not have the time to complete the necessary tasks by themselves – that’s where a Block Management Company like Horizon Management comes in.

While Property Managers are in charge of the day-to-day maintenance and management of a single property, a Block Manager has a number of other responsibilities that come with managing a multiple-residency building.

For example, the Managing Agent from a Block Management Company will handle the collection of service charges and ground rent from block residents, in addition to being responsible for the effective maintenance of communal areas. A Managing Agent will also liaise with contractors, the freeholder or RCM and other concerned parties to ensure development and repairs proceed smoothly.


The Core Responsibilities of a Block Manager

From day-to-day operations to financial planning, Block Management involves staying on top of a number of tasks. This includes:

General Maintenance of the block: The Managing Agent from a Block Management Company will be responsible for ensuring the general standard and maintenance of communal areas, such as lobbies, stairwells, gardens, and car parks. This involves ensuring that regular cleaning is carried out, in addition to regular upkeep and health and safety checks.

Health and Safety Compliance of the block: The Managing Agent is usually named the ‘responsible person’, meaning they are responsible for ensuring the compliance of the building. This includes maintaining safety standards by organising regular checks, such as Fire Risk Assessments and asbestos testing.

Administrative Support: The Block Manager will also be responsible for maintaining professional relationships with contractors. This can include arranging for repairs and maintenance work to be carried out at the block and organising payment with contractors, only once the work has been successfully completed and check. The Block Manager will also manage other “back office” administrative duties, such as bookkeeping, contracts, maintenance programmes and inspections.

Budgeting and Charge Collection: Ensuring that budgets are effectively managed and service charges are collected compliantly and on time are key contributors to the smooth running of any block. A Block Manager oversees these responsibilities and more, giving our client (e.g. the RMC or freeholder) peace of mind that all budgeting tasks are accounted for and

Block Managers also have a good knowledge of relevant landlord and tenant law, construction, and accounting, making them a great asset to the management of a block. Horizon’s Block Management team is experienced and knowledgeable, allowing us to offer the very best block management service to freeholders, development companies and RMCs alike! Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we could help with the management of your block.


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