Intercom Issues – Block C

We are writing to update you on the issue with the intercom at Bridgefield Court in Block C. Currently residents are not able to use the intercom to unlock the entrance door.

We have had contractors attend to assess the issue and they have informed us that a new keypad module is required. We have been informed that there is a world-wide shortage of an important part (the chip) resulting in this part being on back order, resulting in delays to the repairs. We were hopeful that the part would be in by now however we have been told by the contractors that it is likely not due in before the end of August now.

We have looked at other suppliers for these parts but all suppliers have confirmed that there is a shortage on these parts and that everyone is in the same position.

We have looked into replacing the whole intercom system, however this would cost around £20,000 and would not be installed until late August. Therefore our preference would be to wait for the part which is much cheaper.

We appreciate the inconvenience to all residents, however we ask that this door is not left propped open or unlocked as this is a security concern. There is another entrance door that can be used instead. We cannot lock this door completely as it is a fire door and residents must be able to open this door from the inside in case of emergency. This door can still be used as an exit only – but not as the entrance door as there is no way of unlocking it from the outside.

Please do inform any tenants to not leave this door unlocked or propped open. We will also install signage.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused but are doing everything we can to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries.

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