Quarterly Property Condition Report

Quarterly Property Condition Report

Part 1 - Condition Report - External

Canopy Gutters

Car Parking Bays

Drains/Surface Gulleys

External Electrical Boxes

External Fabric/Cladding/Louvres

External Glazed Canopies

External Glazing/Windows/Frames

External Lighting/Lighting Pillars

External Signage

External Utility Housings

External Furniture

External Steps/Handrails

Glazing and Frames

Landscaped Areas (Hard)

Landscaped Areas (Soft)

Pedestrian Walkways

Perimeter Security & Fencing

Rainwater Downpipes

Road Markings

Road Surfaces

Road Traffic Signs

Road Access & Edge Protection

Roof Condition

Roof Lighting Conductors

Safety Signs & General Signs

Service Areas

Tenant's Frontage/Signs

Water Collection Areas

Part 2 - Condition Report - Internal - Paint and Decoration

Entrance Steps

Entrance Surrounds

Entrance Doors/Glazing

Entrance Signs

Entrance Access Controls/Intercoms

Entrance Foyer Walls Surfaces

Entrance Foyer Glazing/Signs

Entrance Foyer Lighting

Lift Doors/Surrounds

Lift Lighting/Indicator Lights

Lift Internal Surfaces/Walls/Glass/Floors

Internal Access Stair

Stair Lighting

Stair Floor Surfaces

Stair Walls/Ledges

Stair Handrails

Stair Doors/Glazing/Ironmongery

Emergency Escape Ironmongery

Fire Call Points

Fire Signs

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